Representatives from 123 countries participated in this unique EXPO 2018. The
following HBCU/PBI delegates attended as IHRAAM representatives, at the invitation of
the Office for South-South Cooperation:

  • Dr. Farid I. Muhammad  -  CEO, IHRAAM & Chairman, Core Planning Group-
    OHBCUD, Inc
  • Dr. Raymond Terry, Sr. - International Health Systems Analyst, School of
    Community & Health Policy (Morgan State University) & HBCU/PBI Working Group
    Facilitator (Science & Health)
  • Dr. Fatima Hafiz-Muid - President, Imhotep Stem Charter H.S. Philadelphia, PA
    (Temple University)
  • Ms. Marion Wenn - Morgan State University (School of Community & Health Policy)
  • Dr. Robin Butler - Director of Clinical Affairs, Department of Health Information &
    Management (Coppin State University - Baltimore, MD) & Private Consultant

In addition to attending all the major High-Level Group Forums, delegates divided up on
occasion and participated in several highly interactive Side-Events . Among the most
strategic and noteworthy side-events (to which OSSC officials specifically requested our
attendance) were as follows:

    1. Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) on Promoting & Scaling Up Good
    Governance Through South-South Cooperation & Triangular Cooperation: 53
    Nation Commonwealth Secretariat of UNOSSC (Dr. Farid Muhammad was asked
    and has agreed to serve as a member of an international committee designated
    to work in this area);   

    2. Alliance of NGOs and CSOs for South-South Cooperation Event for Uniting for
    Action at BAPA+40 (Buenos Aires Plan of Action) and Beyond - OSSC and ASSC
    (Buenos Aires, Argentina 20-22 March, 2019) - IHRAAM remains supportive of
    this International Planning Group's Initiatives in preparation for BAPA+40;

    3. Promoting the Ecosystems for South-South Cooperation in Africa-UNDP
    Regional Service Center in Africa;

    4. Promoting South-South Cooperation in Science and Technology for
    Sustainable Development - The Committee on Science and Technology for
    Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS), Mustafa Science &
    Technology Foundation (MSTF), UN Office of the High Representative for the
    Least Developed/Land-Locked/Small-Island Countries (UN-OHRLLS & UNOSSC);

    5. Impact Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation for South-South and Triangular
    Cooperation Initiatives: Potential Approaches and Methodologies UNOSSC --- For
    those members of our HBCU/PBI Community having special interest in cross-
    cultural/international socio-economic, political and related research, you'd be
    strongly advised to take advantage of the "Global Thinkers" link below (the highly
    unique African Diaspora & The World Program at Spelman College especially
    came to mind).   
IHRAAM Representatives Attend
South-South Global Thinkers Conference
November 28-30, 2018
An international NGO in consultative status with the United Nations