An international NGO in consultative status with the United Nations
Diana Collier Kly
IHRAAM Founder Dr. Yussuf Kly, Sundiata Kly and Diana Kly
Diana Collier Kly is Co-founder and CAO of the
International Human Rights Association of American
Minorities (IHRAAM), an international NGO in
consultative status with the United Nations.

She is also Publisher / Editorial Director of
Press, Inc., an independent publisher on social justice
issues founded in Atlanta in 1984, now with over 70
titles in print and 36 foreign editions in 16 different
languages .

Originally serving as Communications Director of
IHRAAM, she assumed the chairmanship after the
passing of her husband, Dr. Y. N. Kly, in January, 2011.

Dr. Kly, former Chair and Founder, was Professor
Emeritus at the University of Regina specializing in
international minority rights, and author of
award-winning books on international law,  minority
rights and African Americans, in particular.  

Diana Kly is author of The Invisible Women of
Washington, a novel on women and poverty.  

She holds a B.A. from University of British Columbia
and an M.A. from the University of Montreal.