An international NGO in consultative status with the United Nations
IHRAAM participates in the HRC's
scrutinizing state behavior in
relation to their legal human
rights obligations as signatories
to the international human rights

Agenda Item 5: Human rights bodies and mechanisms

Oral intervention by Barrister A. Majid Tramboo
UN Permanent Representative and Director of International Human Rights Association of
American Minorities (IHRAAM
at the 38th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

Mr Chairman

The great value to and important role of the Human Rights Council (the Council) is to protect
the populations under military occupation. IHRAAM is confident that the Council ensures the
promotion of unrepresented peoples and nations safe and enabling environment to defend
and promote their human rights.

IHRAAM is pleased to receive the UN High Commissioner’s Report on Jammu & Kashmir and
endorses His Excellency’s recommendation to establish an independent enquiry commission
to investigate the allegations of gross human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir.
Nevertheless, we ask the Council:

a) To appoint a special rapporteur on the situation of Jammu & Kashmir;

b) To rush a Mission to both parts of Kashmir especially the Indian occupied Kashmir; and

c) To initiate, as soon as practicable, a panel discussion in the Council on the High
Commissioner’s Report.

Further, the Council is asked to take on board IHRAAM/CPG-OHBCUD intervention submitted
at the 22nd session of the Working Group of Experts on Peoples of African Descent (UNWGEPA).

I thank you Mr Chairman.