An international NGO in consultative status with the United Nations
Queen Quet and Dr. John Waddell attended the 10th Anniversary of
the World Conference Against Racism, or Durban III, held at the UN in
New York on September 22, 2011. Throughout the lengthy day, a
multitude of speakers addressed a global audience that continues to
be passionate about working to end racism, xenophobia, racial in
such occurrences, even though they are taking place in diverse
places around the world, one speech after the next seemed to reflect
the points made by the previous speaker.

Once again, neither the first black president of the United States nor
US UN Representative Susan Rice saw fit to address the numerous
scholars and co-chairs and members of working groups,
committees, commissions, and NGOs who had devoted such time,
effort and passion towards ending racism, This was the fruit of a
boycott ongoing since the original World Conference Against Racism
held in Durban in 2001, promoted by supporters of the State of Israel,
who feared and were unwilling to face any criticism of that state,
urging others to boycott for that reason.   No fanfare greeted their
absence, as had taken place in 2009.

However, there were a number of African American people there that
represent numerous civil and human rights groups and NGOs.   
Members of the IHRAAM delegation had the opportunity to meet and
speak with many diplomats, including
Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The Caribbean had several different speakers make sure to express
their support of the Jamaican led project to build a monument at the
UN for the victims of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade.  In 2010 Queen
Quet participated in meetings in this regard upon invitation from her
contacts at the African Union.

The event resulted in the submission of a Draft resolution by the
President of the General Assembly,
UN Doc. A/66/L.2 [link], titled
United against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related
intolerance.  Article 9 of the Resolution reiterated that “the primary
responsibility for effectively combating racism, racial discrimination,
xenophobia and related intolerance lies with States.”