An international NGO in consultative status with the United Nations
Chagri Poyraz
Cagri Poyraz is Head of the European Union Office / for
Human Rights, a Lobbying/ Think Tank/NGO based in
Brussels.  He worked closely with MEPs and groups
within the European Parliament to influence the work that
is undertaken by the Parliament with regard to Human
Rights.  He has engaged with the European
Commission to advise on content of reports and to
influence Human Rights POlicy and upcoming reports
and documents;  organized international conferences
mainly in the United Nations (Palais des Nations,
Geneva), European Parliament, and International Court
of Justice.  

Representative to the United Nations in Geneva,
representing IHRAAM at the Human Rights Council in
Geneva as well as the Economic and Social Council
(ECOSOC) meetings in New York.

He provides ongoing Consultancy services mainly on
global strategies, networking and lobbying in the
European Parliament, European Commission and
Untied Nations for Poyraz de La Torre LLC.