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Kathleen Thompson, PhD,
MSW, RSW, BA (Hons)
Dr. Thompson has diverse professional experiences ranging from
health policy research to community development, leadership and
communications. Since 1999, she has owned and managed
TomKat Communications, a Saskatchewan-based consulting
company focusing on comparative health policy research,
community development, interim leadership in the mental health,
corrections and disability sectors. Over recent years, Dr.
Thompson has provided policy research to support a collaborative
public policy process involving the Ministry of Social Services and a
provincial coalition of disability charities called the Disability Income
Support Coalition or DISC.

Her focus has been on quantifying and qualifying the costs
associated disabilities to support the development of provincial
disability policies and regulations related to the implantation of
Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID).

Dr. Thompson works internationally and nationally and has
presented at numerous conferences within Saskatchewan, across
Canada and internationally. In 2013, she worked as an Assistant
Professor at Northern Kentucky University in the Department of
Counseling, Social Work and Leadership. Prior to her appointment
in the United States, Dr. Thompson worked with the federal
government at Statistics Canada and in intergovernmental health
policy research with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health in the
Policy and Planning Branch. Her SSHRC-funded PhD is from the
Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary. She received the
highest level of funding available to a Canadian PhD student
through a Canada Graduate Scholarship. Dr. Thompson also holds
a Master’s of Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), both
from the University of Regina.

She is Director of the IHRAAM Indigenous Research Unit (IIRU).

She is also Director of Research of the Cannibus Patients
Association of Canada (

Kathleen Thompson at UN Conference on Disabilities, 2013.