Ricardo Espinosa
Chief NGO Liaison Officer
to the UN in Geneva
delivering a memorial tribute

    Geneva 23rd March 2011 - Dr. Y. N. Kly the former chairman of the International
    Human Rights Association of American Minorities was remembered at a memorial
    held in the Palais des Nations.  This lunch was jointly organized by IHRAAM and
    ICHR.  It was attended by, among others,  the Ambassadors of the United States and
    Pakistan, and by representatives of different diplomatic missions, NGOs, minority
    groups and admirers of Dr. Kly.

    Diana Kly, wife of the former chairman, was the presenter on the occasion.  She
    delivered a valedictory address enumerating the valuable services rendered by her
    late husband in the benefit of humanity not only in the United States and Canada but
    also in other parts of the world.  She emphasized that his passionate work for the
    vulnerable, the voiceless and the discriminated against would be continued in order
    to eradicate the injustices of the world.

    In addition to Mrs. Kly others who contributed at the memorial lunch were Barrister
    Majid Tramboo, Queen Quet/Marquetta Goodwine, Ricardo Espinosa, Ronald Barnes
    and Prof. Nazir Shawl.

    Barrister Tramboo referred to his long coveted association with Dr. Kly.  He said that
    Dr. Kly worked tirelessly for many decades for humanity through his practice of
    international law.  He praised the work that Dr. Kly undertook on Kashmir.  Mr.
    Espinosa, the UN NGO Liaison Officer, praised the role that Dr. Kly played to
    strengthen the struggle of minorities for their rights.  Queen Quet recalled how Dr. Kly
    first gave a voice to the Gullageechee cause and said he was ultimately responsible
    for the progress that they had made in recent years.  Prof. Shawl described him as
    an outstanding human rights activist who will be remembered by the people of Jammu
    and Kashmir for championing their rights.  

Dr. Y. N. Kly
Chair and Founder
Palais des Nations, Geneva
March 23, 2011