Justice and the Social, Economic and Political Prerequisites
for the Elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction

A Round Table sponsored by:
The Department of Justice Studies
and the
International Human Rights Association of American Minorities (IHRAAM)
University of Regina
November 19th, 2003

This round table was the first of a yearly series entitled

A Dialogue Between Civilizations

The Round Table on November 19th, 2003 explored these sub-topics:

What type of international system or world order would best facilitate the elimination of WMD?
UN peacekeeping/peacemaking and the elimination of WMD.
The increasing pace of technological development and the elimination of WMD.
Ethnocentric nationalism and the elimination of WMD.
The military-industrial complex and the elimination of WMD.
The ideal of modernism and its relation to WMD.
The role of civil society and education in the elimination of WMD.
The economic prerequisites for the elimination of weapons of mass destruction.
Human rights in the struggle against WMD.
The effect of the search for WMD on the maintenance of sustainable democratic processes.
A sustainable ecological system and the elimination of WMD.
The right to develop and the elimination of WMD.


Riad Ahmed
Prof. Ken Collier
Prof. Otto Dreidger
Prof. Jim Harding
Dr. Y. N. Kly
Prof. David Miller
Prof. John Whyte

Prepared papers but unable to attend:
Dr. Ali Farfer
Miloud Mehadbi and Mehdi Imberesh

Moderators:  Kathleen Thompson / Chantal Perrault