Dr. Thompson has worked in health policy analysis and research as a bureaucrat and as a consultant for the last 30 years, specializing in the mental health, disability and corrections sectors. In 2015, Dr. Thompson created the Cannabis Regulatory Research Group. The focus of the policy research group is on promoting collaborative public policy processes and evidenced-based research with the cannabis industry, governments, academia, civil society and at the United Nations. Additionally, Dr. Thompson consults with individuals and organizations on how to enter the legal cannabis industry. She is the Founder and President of Thompson Policy Consulting Inc. and consuls to the cannabis and hemp sectors in Canada and internationally.

Dr. Thompson is a civil society leader with multiple organizations focusing on human and disability rights. Her roles include: Director and Research Unit Chair for the International Human Rights Association for American Minorities (IHRAAM), Treasurer and National Research Chair for the DisAbled Women’s Network Canada (DAWN Canada), Chair and National Research Chair for the National Network for Mental Health (NNMH) and President of the Saskatchewan Voice of People with Disabilities (SVOPD). Dr. Thompson is focused on the intersectionality between violence in general and particularly interpersonal hostility or horizontal violence and people living with disabilities. Reducing violence and promoting collaboration and human flourishing are goals of Dr. Thompson’s professional and volunteer initiatives.