The United States has committed numerous illegal acts against the Native Alaskans. From the inception of the 1867 Treaty, the government has not regarded the inherent sovereignty vested in the Native Alaskans. If any powers at all were granted to the United States from Russia, the Natives nevertheless maintained aboriginal title and the U.S. should have regarded the relationship as one of a guardianship rather than to further its own self interests. The people of Alaska had, and still do have a right to self-determination without the strong-armed oppression of the United States wielding their power over them.

While President Clinton signed Public Law 103-150, tis law, as interpreted by many, officially conceded as a matter of United States law that Native Hawaiian people have the right to restore the independent state that they had in 1893 when the United States government came and destroyed it. This declaration would be as an independent state not part of the fifty United States, officially recognized as independent under international law. Like Alaska, Native Hawaiians have suffered long enough under the United States’ illegal behavior.

The United States should not be allowed to continue dictating their own policy when it merely serves their own interest. Rather, they should be required to follow guideline to better protect people such as the Native Alaskans, whether it is United Nations policy, Treaties, or the policies such as the Trust Doctrine imposed by its own judiciary. The illegal acts should not continue. As in Hawaii, the sovereignty of Alaska belongs to the people and not the government of Alaska or the United States. The choice for self-government belongs to them, and not the federal government. The people of Alaska have the right to proclaim themselves as an independent Nation-State. For the people and for adherence to international law, it is the best solution.